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Jennifer in Milton, FL *****
My family and I are from out of state and wanted something fun for the family to do together. We found this AMAZING company that offered a carriage ride for the whole family ( ranging in age from 2-30).The owner who rode with us was so amazing and informational about all things, from the horses to the history of the town. She was amazing and kept us adults interested. As for our kids 2-7 years old she kept them interested by allowing them to ride up front with the driver. The driver was also amazing as she gave us a ride through the town with such ease. I see in the gallery that there are alot of photos of people getting married or proms but this is a definite MUST DO on the to do list if you are to visit anywhere near Camden, SC. I give this a 5 star and would give more if I could. Will be planning future trips as the tour guide has so much more she can teach us about everything! She is a very intelligent woman and I cant wait to see and experience it again.
Cedric and Miranda in Dillon, SC *****
The staff is very professional and the horses are friendly and love taking pictures. The horse and carriage added a special "awe" to our wedding. We would recommend Camden Carriage Company!!!

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